Just thought we’d give you some background information on why the 10km and the 30km were not going ahead and also why the race didn’t go official or public any earlier than June.

The race had been in the planning for months and so to use the Kepler Track we needed to apply for a concession and relevant permits.

Sadly at the 11th hour we had our DOC concession for the route along the Kepler Track part of the race changed and numbers limited. This was due to a possible Department of Conservation  pest control operation over the Winter. So we had to go back and look at alternative dates or alternative routes.

Luckily we were able to go with the same date but a slightly different route, although that did mean we are not able to offer the 30km or 10km this year. Next year hopefully we can.
In addition there appears to be another 10km race in Te Anau on the same day so with our current traffic plan it was hard to justify another race of the same distance on the same day.
Meridian our main sponsor have also just rebranded so we have new logos etc to add to the registration form – all this takes time when the committee is a volunteer and small team

The good news however is that, this new option and route means we are now able to take many more registrations and team entries for the race

All go on the 7th June when we go live with registrations