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Information on team registrations

Running as a Team


There’s nothing better than getting a team together to participate in an event.

Our Self-Registration Teams option makes it easy and streamlined for yourself and all of your team members.

How to register as a team

Option A
The Team Captain creates and names a group/team and then becomes that group/team administrator. They can sign-up on behalf of everyone. Collecting all teammates’ information including name, gender, birth-date and age, email address, address, emergency contact .

Option B
Teammates simply sign-up themselves. The ‘Team Captain’ first needs to register and create a team, and then share that team name and/or a link . All teammates who sign-up after simply need to select they are part of a group and select the team name


The Nitty Gritty

  • Each team name needs to be different
  • Please be considerate when choosing a team name. Any name team names we deem offensive will be changed to “Team A,” “Team B” etc.
  • Teams must have at least 2 members and a maximum of 10
  • Each individual that crosses the line score points towards team scoring
  • The top 3 teams on race day will win a team prize
  • No limit to the number of teams that can enter as long as each team name is different


Does everyone on the team have to run the same distance?
YES: all team members wanting to compete for the team prizes must run the half marathon on race day.

If I have already registered for this race, can I still join a team?
YES: go to your registration and the system should allow you to add yourself to a team as long as it does not have 10 members already.

Do all team members get an individual medal ?
Yes: all team members receive a finishers medal

How does the team scoring work for this event?
Similar to Cross Country team scoring: Members across the line will score points towards the overall team score. The 3 teams with the lowest overall team score will be the podium finishers on race day.

The race is sold out. Can I still join my team?
If you’re already registered you can updated your registration to join a team.
If you’re not yet registered you won’t be able to join a team unless you’re able to find a bib for sale from a runner who can no longer make it.

We belong to a large running club does that mean only 10 of us can compete in the team category?
NO: As long as you create a unique team name for a maximum of 10 members you can register as many 10 person teams as you want. Example, myclubname-1, myclubname-2, myclubname-3, etc.

What if I am a podium finisher in my age group do I still get the bling for the team competition?
YES: if you are a podium finisher in your age group and part of a podium finish team, then this is your lucky day because you are going home with lots of cool bling!



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